Doubled Blessings

I received a call from the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) Network regarding Sandy, a woman who had recently take the first abortion pill (mifepristone). Sandy had visited Planned Parenthood the day before, where it was discovered she was having twins. The estimated gestational age was between 9-10 weeks and she was told they were in one sac (this is less common than twins who each have their own sac). Sandy was surprised that her ultrasound showed twins and she did not feel like she could handle two babies, so she proceeded with a medical abortion.

Sandy shared that on the way out of Planned Parenthood, “a nice man stopped me and said, ‘you know it’s not too late, you can save your baby’.” Later that night Sandy was having second thoughts and regrets, and she pulled up a search and discovered the APR Hotline, and thought back to the truth of what the man had told her outside Planned Parenthood.

When I heard Sandy’s story, I was encouraged to hear several reassuring factors. One was that Sandy was close to 10 weeks and the abortion pill becomes less effective as the gestational age approaches or passes the 10-week mark. Another reassuring factor was that twin pregnancies make more progesterone. Mifepristone (the first of the two abortion pills), the pill that Sandy took, would have a harder time competing with higher amounts of Sandy’s natural progesterone. And lastly, Sandy’s reversal attempted started about 24 hours after she took that first pill and we know that a sooner intervention leads to more success. These factors led me to be hopeful that these babies had a high chance of survival.

When Sandy came into the office, we talked about the reversal protocol as she had already started taking her Abortion Pill Reversal (progesterone) earlier in the day. We proceeded to do an ultrasound to confirm that there were two heartbeats still visible. It quickly became clear that there were in fact, two babies and two, strong heartbeats present. This was a definite victory! We do know that mifepristone will continue to work over a period of time and these babies were not yet, “in the clear,” but we all breathed a sigh of momentary relief.

Five days later, Sandy returned to Amnion to repeat another ultrasound and evaluate the babies. By now Sandy had prenatal care scheduled for the following week so this would possibly be her last ultrasound with us. As the image came to life, it quickly became clear that we did in fact see two babies! Measuring further along, we were able to see and hear two strong heartbeats. Sandy, the father and I were overjoyed that this Abortion Pill reversal seemed to be successful! We discussed the importance of weekly ultrasounds through the first trimester as well as the continuation of progesterone supplementation. 

Sandy had an ultrasound with her doctor the week after she was at Amnion and the babies still appeared to be thriving. Amnion’s team remains in contact and ongoing support of Sandy and her family. Sandy is now in her second trimester, looking forward to meeting her twin blessings!




Do you regret taking the Abortion Pill? It’s not too late. If you have taken the first dose of the abortion pill and have changed your mind, it may be possible to reverse the effects of the abortion pill without harming your baby. 

Implementing the reversal as soon as possible is crucial. Call 1-877-558-0333 as soon as you can, or click here.