A Secret for Decades

Evelyn was referred to Amnion by her pastor. She had confided in him that she had been holding on to a secret for decades. Evelyn is currently in her 60’s and had an abortion over 40 years ago. Her boyfriend left her at the abortion clinic and after her abortion procedure, told her he never wanted to see her again. She was left with the trauma of the abortion and carried it with her the for years. She was asked to take leadership roles at her church and other places in her life but she never felt worthy because of her secret abortion. She married and had two children and they were not aware of the painful secret she carried.

Evelyn was greeted at Amnion by our post-abortion counselor who graciously listened with compassion and understanding. She was coached her through an 8-week program designed to surrender her secret, gain freedom from the strongholds of abortion and to heal the heartbreak of her past. Evelyn took her commitment to the program seriously and she had a tremendous transformation in her life. Before she was even at the session where you are encouraged to tell someone about the past abortion, she had already told her husband and sons. They were compassionate and understanding, so much more than she had hoped they would be with the news. She transformed from a nervous and quiet person carrying sadness to a joyful, confident and much loved friend.

At the end of the program Evelyn was relaxed, joyful and contemplative when talking about the baby she aborted. She plans to become more active in her church and speaks about the love and forgiveness that she felt from Jesus. She said, “I had to forgive myself and the person who pressured me to have the abortion. Once my counselor helped me to do that, I felt the love and forgiveness of God wash over me.  I wrote a letter to my baby and told her how much I love her and hope to see her someday in Heaven.”

The team at Amnion considers it a privilege to walk with someone through a season of healing and restoration from a past abortion. Forgiveness and freedom can be found.



Post Abortion Care: If you or someone you know are struggling with unresolved feelings and unsettling emotions from a past abortion, Amnion can provide a safe place with trained and experienced peer counselors. We offer a free and confidential support group for women who share this experience. With compassion and care, you can find a path to healing. Women of all walks of life are welcome. Call 610.622.9957 or email info@amnion.org for more information.