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Encouraging and empowering teens in healthy relationships…

February 12th 2015

Amnion has a team of passionate young adults who deliver the “Real-Ed” presentation to teenagers in public high schools, private high schools, church groups and youth development programs in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Speaking in health classes or during assemblies almost every day of the academic year, the Real-Ed team works to provide a framework that empowers young people to think through their own values and morals and make healthy decisions about life and their relationships.

A key feature of the Real-Ed presentation is that it does not prescribe a formula for a healthy relationship, but, through various visual tools and the incorporation of the presenters’ personal stories, it teaches the youth and provides them with much perspective to make healthy decisions when in or when considering a relationship.

So far, during the 2014-2015 academic school year, Joe, Jaime, and Andy have delivered the Real-Ed presentation to over 2100 teenagers.  By the end of June, they will deliver the presentation to at least 5500 teenagers!

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