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Why March for Life...

February 1st 2017

Reflections from the 2017 March for Life in Washinton DC

Melanie Parks, Executive Director - So many people. Good, positive, respectful people.  Young, elderly, even babies in strollers.  Some holding signs, some not. Some singing, some praying. Some running, some slowly walking in the vast crowds for as far as you could see in every direction that you looked. It was awesome to see the pro-life support in such numbers. Encouraging speech by Vice President Pence. And many others well known in the prolife cause. Yes, it was a celebration of life – but more importantly, it was a call to action, for our legislators to step up and make changes to protect the unborn. It was a call to action for ALL of us to be more deliberate in advocating for the most vulnerable among us.

The theme of the 2017 March for Life was The Power of One. One person can make a difference in the world, whether in the life of one person or many. Sadly, in the U.S. alone, more than 1 million babies are not even given the opportunity to live and change the world each year. Building a culture of life and ending abortion takes each and every person. Starting with your family or neighborhood, our collective efforts will change hearts and minds, save lives, and build a culture of life.” – March for Life 2017

Alex Chen, Board Member - I had the privilege of joining many at the 2017 March for Life. As a Board Member of Amnion Pregnancy Center, I see the fight for the unborn as a multi-front battle. Amnion extends the love of Christ to mothers and families in need. But we must also give voice to the voiceless and fight for justice. The unborn are violently oppressed, and we have a duty to plead their cause and work to change the laws of our land. Life begins at conception and must be defended.

Leah Raup, Volunteer & friend of Amnion - As someone who cares deeply for post-abortive women, I often feel like an anomaly in the pro-life world. While many pro-life advocates rightly direct much of their efforts and fervor towards saving the pre-born child and helping his or her mother, I personally understand the deep sorrow and shame experienced by women who can no longer choose life. Women who regret their past abortions suffer with deep sorrow and hidden shame. This was my first year attending the March for Life, and if I'm honest, I was fearful of what I might encounter at the March. Would people be angry towards those of us who regret our past involvement with abortion? Would there be any grace for post-abortive women? Happily, at the March I experienced a compassionate response towards women who have had, or are currently considering, abortion. Being at the March gave me a new perspective, as I witnessed firsthand the immensity of the opposition to abortion in this nation.

The March for Life gave me hope that I may see a day when abortion becomes unthinkable. I plan to attend again next year, and I'd love to fill a bus, with your help. Won't you join me?

March for Life arrives at Supreme Court

Vast crowds of Marchers

Amnion group at March for Life 2017

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